Our mission

Independence, strength and trust – our guiding principles

As an independent asset management and financial consultancy firm, we take trust very seriously. Our focus is on the adequate and responsible management of your capital in order to maintain and increase your wealth.

Our concept stands on the pillars of personal support, regular exchange and periodic reports that explain the development of your assets. We communicate with you directly to clarify your individual security requirements, risk tolerance and profit expectations and support your strategic overall asset management and the administration of your assets.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the financial markets, we have excellent contacts with the world’s leading investment houses. This gives us opportunities that far exceed standard asset management.


Our focus

  • individual client service based on partnership
  • customised solutions, estate and succession planning
  • international orientation
  • internationally renowned, award-winning fund management
  • Team of experts with decades of experience
  • Expertise of dedicated products in the area of convertibles, corporate and foreign currency bond sectors,
  • completely independent from banks:
    Our clients can select from several custodian banks
  • First mover: We seize opportunities.