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Information, liability

The information contained on our website is intended to provide only a general overview of certain issues. Special circumstances can have a major impact on its use and the effect of legislation. Because of changes in legislation, regulations, and procedures, in addition to the risks associated with electronic communications, NOBIS Asset Management S.A. cannot assure or guarantee that the website will function without interruption or error at all times, nor that the system is free of viruses.

Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained on our website is derived from reliable sources. NOBIS Asset Management S.A. assumes no liability for errors or omission or for outcomes resulting from the utilisation of this information.

We cannot assume any warranty for deficiencies of the information provided on our website. We assume no guarantee for the completeness, accuracy, term of validity, or for outcomes resulting from the utilisation of this information. Any guarantee – express or implied – is excluded. This shall apply in particular to performance, quality and fitness for a particular purpose.

NOBIS Asset Management S.A., as well as the authors and publisher, shall not be liable to you or a third party for any decisions or actions made or initiated in reliance upon the information contained in our website. Liability for losses caused by the utilisation of such information or in connection with the distribution or use of such information is equally excluded.

By accepting the Terms and Conditions, the visitor to this website confirms, that the information provided is accurate and correct and that NOBIS Asset Management SA shall recover any and all losses incurred, should the visitor give false or inaccurate information.

Legal restrictions

Our websites contain information on the products and services of NOBIS Asset Management S.A. This information is not intended for users from other countries or users subject to foreign legal systems, in which the publication or provision of such products and services is prohibited on grounds of the nationality or place of residence of the user or for any other reason. Any person to whom these restrictions apply is not permitted to access our websites.

Distribution restrictions

The information and content shown on our website are aimed exclusively at investors in countries in which the relevant fund is authorised for distribution. The information shown or provided for download is not intended for publication by individuals or legal entities in any country in which the fund is not authorised for distribution. Any content or documents shown or provided in the English language shall not mean or imply that an authorisation for distribution for English-speaking countries has been granted or applied for.

In particular, the units of each fund must not be offered or sold within the US, nor to on behalf of any US citizen or US resident, unless such an offer or sale is allowed pursuant to an exemption from the registration requirements of the United States Securities Act of 1933.

Offer, investment consultancy

Information contained on our websites – especially particulars of rates, prices and interest rates – does not constitute an offer or a request for an offer related to the purchase of securities, futures contract, or other financial instruments. It is provided exclusively for purposes of information.

We expressly inform investors that the information provided only serves as encouragement for your own investment ideas. The publication does not constitute investment advice and is therefore not a recommendation for the purchase or sale of any security, futures contract, or other financial instrument. The information provided herein is no substitute for a consultation with your investment/financial consultant tailored to the investor’s individual situation.

It is important to remember that historical performance is not a measure for future performance, when purchasing or subscribing to an investment on the basis of an analysis of historical growth of securities, futures contract, or other financial instruments. The value of an investment and the profit derived from the same may fall or rise and investors may not recover the capital invested. Please be aware of the impact exchange rate fluctuation may have on investments in foreign currencies.

Links to third party websites

Some of the links contained on our websites may refer to other websites operated by a third party not under the supervision of NOBIS Asset Management S.A. NOBIS Asset Management S.A. does not take ownership of any content of third-party websites linked from our websites. We cannot assume any responsibility for the content of linked pages; in particular, for any changes made to such pages after the link has been placed.

Applicable law, place of jurisdiction

Any disputes and all other legal proceedings or contentious matters arising in connection with the use or content of our website shall be governed by the Law of Luxembourg. The place of jurisdiction for any disputes and all other legal proceedings or contentious matters arising in connection with the use or content of our website shall be Luxembourg.


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Any reproduction, distribution, making available for download, or granting online access (by way of incorporation into other websites) to the pages of our website, their layout or content (text, images, programs) – whether in whole or in part, amended or not amended – is not permitted.

Severability clause

If any individual provision of the aforementioned terms and conditions of use, distribution restrictions and legal notices is found to be ineffective in law, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected.

Adverse impact on sustainability factors cannot be considered

An application of ecological or social characteristics in our investment strategies or for other specific financial instruments is not intended. A systematic and thus comprehensive consideration of the most important adverse effects on sustainability factors in accordance with the established EU criteria is not carried out, as this is not possible at this point in time due to the current inconsistent data basis.