LiLux Rent – the somewhat different bond fund

LiLux Rent (ISIN: LU0083353978) is an international bond fund that offers investors a high level of security. The fund invests primarily in euro bonds. In order to optimize performance, up to one third of the fund’s assets can be invested in currencies of OECD countries, while at the same time paying attention to a high level of currency stability. Since its launch in 1992, LiLux Rent has received numerous awards and impresses with its strong and above-average performance.



  • Focus: Bonds in euros (at least 2/3 of the investments)
  • Growth optimisation: Bonds in other currencies
  • Income is reinvested (compound interest effect)
  • AAA (Citywire Rating)
  • Bond funds with A rating


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Since its launch, the LiLux Rent fund
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