Professional in a team: Expert amongst experts

NOBIS Asset Management S.A. is made up of a professional team around the renowned fund manager and bond trader Hanns Grad.

Each member of this team looks back on many years of experience in securities trading or in advising wealthy private clients.

Our clearly defined strategies are based on profound knowledge of the industry as well as thorough know-how, always with one major goal in mind: the long-term protection and increase of your assets entrusted to us.

As an independent asset management firm, we adopt a qualitative approach in our investment strategy: we therefore continuously monitor and analyse developments on the international financial markets and make decisions on the selection of suitable investment products.



Roland Haller

Executive Board Member Roland Haller has filled various positions in the banking location of Luxembourg since 1986 and has gained many years of experience in the areas of asset management and securities trading. Roland Haller is a member of the fund management team for the NOBIS funds LiLux Rent and LiLux Convert. In addition to his management role at NOBIS Asset Management S.A., he was acting as a Deputy to the Management at HSH Nordbank Private Banking S.A. until 21/08/2011.


Eckhard Lang

Eckhard Lang has more than 30 years of extensive experience within the financial sector. He is a Certified Financial Risk Manager and has successfully managed project, consulting and line management functions for several companies and in various business areas, among others within Asset and Private Wealth Management. He joined NOBIS Asset Management S.A. on February 1, 2022 as a member of the Executive Management, in charge of Finance, IT and Administration.

Hanns Grad

Chairman of the Board

Torsten Heick

Deputy Chairman of the Board

Roland Haller

Member of the Board

Paul Harr

Member of the Board

Multiple award-winning fund managers

NOBIS Asset Management – years of success with LiLux Rent and LiLux Convert

The NOBIS fund management team of founder Hanns Grad accompanied by Roland Haller has been responsible for the fund management in identical composition since the initial launch of the funds in 1992 and 1996, respectively, and has ensured the successful performance of the LiLux Rent and LiLux Convert funds, which have received multiple awards, for years.

In addition to comprehensive and in-depth analyses, we also seek dialogue with issuing houses before deciding on an investment. We see every position in the fund portfolio as a long-term investment decision whose added value should last over the long term. In this context, the quality of the issuer is important for both convertible and corporate bonds.